Airbnb初体験(シドニー旅行 vol.3)





I stayed at an inn of Airbnb.
On this system,hosts and guests borrow and lend inns through website.Some inns are solitary house and some inns are one of flat rooms.
The flat is near Manly beach that is located east coast of Sydney.I stayed there.
A host is Sherry who loves travel.She works at a company in day time.She is beautiful.
She has been to India,USA,and other countries in Asia.
Her word made me impressed.”crazy! beautiful!!”.She said so and show a beautiful photo of Indian palace.
I asked her if any Japanese guests have been stayed at her flat.She answered that A female Japanese student stayed there.
My English skill isn’t good enough though,she listened to my talking well.She told me that she hosts the purpose isn’t only doing business,she wants to see lots of new people.She is taking care of security and enjoying those experience.
I’m getting interested in being a host.

It’s really attrective to meet people in person who lives in local place.It makes us really motivatied about studying English.I guess that if I can use English language better,I’ll be able to enjoy talking with people from other countries. Airbnb is getting popular in Japan yet though,I’d like to try again when I visit another countries.